First Aid Workshop – April '24


Places available: 14

The next appointment with the workshop for parents of Pediatric First Aid entirely in Italian is Saturday 20 April 2024 from 2pm to 4pm presso la House of the Neighborhood de Pijp, la nostra sede ad Amsterdam SOUTH.

The objective of this workshop is to offer correct information on how manage small and large emergency situations involving a child's health and how to use Pediatric First Aid Techniques – Pediatric Basic Life Support.
The meeting proposes a theoretical part on the basic techniques of clearing the airways and heart massage that can be performed on infants and children. Then follows one practical part in which participants will be able to physically experience first aid maneuvers on the doll available.
The techniques learned during the meeting can then easily be replicated at home for training.

The workshop is also an opportunity to:

  • deepen the mode of intervention more suitable in case of wounds, allergic reactions, dehydration and mild illnesses;
  • share i phone numbers to be called as needed;
  • know the most useful first aid tools to always have at home.

The purpose of this event is purely information and social education and does not issue certificates and/or certifications.

– €20 to adult, with card Boot Family 2023-24;
– €25 to adult, without card.
NB: The reduced rate for members will automatically be offered to you once you log in.

Registrations are open until Friday 19 April 2024.
The meeting will take place when the minimum number of 6 members is reached. In case of cancellation, participants will be refunded the fare paid.


A new one takes place on Saturday 20 April 2024 at our headquarters in Amsterdam Zuid workshop in Italian dedicated to training in the field of Pediatric First Aid. We have been organizing this workshop for several years to offer parents and adults of Italian mother tongue living in the Netherlands an opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to deal with emergency situations involving newborns and children with more serenity.

Here are some reasons why this type of training is important:

  • Timely intervention: Children are more vulnerable to accidents and illnesses, so it is essential to know how to intervene promptly and correctly in an emergency, even in unexpected situations such as at home, at school or in public places.
  • Prevention of complications: Prompt treatment in an emergency can prevent a child's condition from worsening and can reduce the risk of short- and long-term complications.
  • Reduction of anxiety and fear: Correct training in pediatric first aid offers confidence and competence to adults who care for children, reducing anxiety and allowing them to deal with the situation in a more calm and effective way.
  • Preliminary professional support: In some situations, professional help may not be immediately available. Pediatric first aid can ensure that the child receives adequate care until medical professionals arrive.
  • Safety promotion: The pediatric first aid course also provides information on prevention, tools to keep at home and numbers to call. This helps create a safer environment at home, school and other places.

The presence of babies and children at the meeting is not expected, but participants who need to find a babysitter can coordinate with the other people registered through the Stivaletto whatsapp group which is created a few weeks before the workshop.


Close-up of Laura Vaccaroni, trainer of the pediatric first aid workshopThe meeting will be led by Laura Vaccaroni who, in Italy, was an Anpas volunteer for 5 years and a rescuer certified in the use of the AED (the semi-automatic external defibrillator) and who, also here in the Netherlands, is certified as BHV-er (Bedrijfshulpverlening), a path that prepares professionally for emergency management and first aid.